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Truly delicious, happy food x

Gravatar Gaynor Broes

When your kids ask for a soup, you can be sure they are yummy 🙂 Alex’s cooking became a must at home! Thanks for the lovely cooking we really enjoy it.

Gravatar Laureline Dupré

Perfect texture. Not overdone by trying too much in a quiche. Super delicious and great with a light salad for a awesome light meal.

Gravatar Daniel Van Dalen

I’ve been trying a few of the quiches since the beginning and I only tried now the risotto quiche, WHOUAAAA, the best ever!! Tasteful, rich, such a treat for your mouth ?
A MUST try! ?

Gravatar Dimitri StroĂŻnovsky

Trop bon !!! Trop frais !!! So good ! So Yumi !

Gravatar Valoche Dr Drouâs

The quiches were amazing ? can’t wait to try all the other flavors! And the good thing is that it’s all fresh and delivered to your doorstep ?

Gravatar Sophie Van Den Hove

Best ever Chocolate tart. Not to sweet and simply moreish!!! We loved it and so did our kids. As for his Quiche… say no more! 5 stars all the way

Gravatar Nicky Meintjes

The quiches and the chocolate tart are so yummy ! All the family loves it so much ! Merciiiiiiiiii

Gravatar Marie-Caroline Vreuls

Absolument délicieux et surtout tellement agréable de ne pas devoir faire la cuisine !

Gravatar Gigi Grivegnée

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